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 We specialize in affordable FAMILY villas in Lanzarote with a personal touch.

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Ana  Naima  (we speak French, German, Spanish, English and Italian)

Family Villas in Lanzarote
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Name Capacity Location Pool Promotion
Andreanof 4p Tinajo yes 400€/week
Tavarua 8p-10p Puerto del Carmen yes
Aliseos 8p-10p Puerto del Carmen yes
Nuku Hiva 8p-10p Puerto del Carmen yes
Rapa Nui 8p-10p Puerto del Carmen yes
Maldivas 6p Puerto del Carmen yes
Oahu 6p Puerto del Carmen yes
Fakarawa 6p Puerto Calero yes
Sumbawa 8p Puerto Calero yes
Borneo 6p Puerto Calero yes
Mindanao 8p Puerto Calero yes
Shangrila 4p Famara (beach) beach
Nicobar 4p Famara (beach) beach 400€/week
Tobago 6p Famara (beach) yes
El Escondido I & II 2p-4p Famara (beach) beach 300€/week
Sulawasi 8p Famara beach
Sumisu 4p Famara (San Juan) beach
Blanca  6p Famara beach
Manrique 5p Famara beach
Sumatra 6p Famara beach
Raratonga 4p La Santa beach
Huahine 4-6p Geria no
Anui 4p Playa Blanca yes
Gaia 2p-8p Femes yes start at 400€/week
Fidji 4p El Islote yes
Manihi I 4p Conil yes
Manihi II 2p Conil yes
Tasmania 4-6p Guime yes
Vanuatu 2p-8p Guime yes
Chiloe 4p-8p Tiagua yes start at 400€/week
Noa 8p Tinajo no start at 400€/week
Kalima 4p La Vegueta no start at 400€/week
Kiribati 8p Tahiche yes
Sikoku 8-10p La Asomada yes




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